Digital Luggage Scale


1. Large 0.44" LCD screen (0.39 in.), the digital display is clearer, and it can protect your eyes;
2. The weighing unit KG/LB" is specially set up according to Chinese and foreign usage habits, which is simple and convenient;
3. The unique energy-saving and consumption-reducing design of this product can reduce power consumption, which is convenient for users to purchase and sell 2032 batteries in the market;
4. This product adopts brand-new stainless steel handle, which can withstand tension of 132 lbs and is strong;
5. The product is compact and stylish, and it is easy to carry. It is a product for traveling, fishing, grocery shopping, shopping, etc.;

Product information:

Product material: ABS engineering plastic shell

Load-bearing capacity: 110 lbs, the graduation value is 0.35 oz.
Error range 0.35 oz.
Product size: length 5.31 in x width 1.18 in x height 1.18 in.
Color: picture color

【Key Description】

1. Z/T: Press this key to turn on/off, press this key after weighing to reset the reading/tare/digit lock
2. UNIT: Press this key to switch the unit between KG, LB and ºE;

【Instructions for use】

1. Open the back cover, install the battery correctly, press the "Z/T" key, the screen will display "18888" for 2 seconds and then turn on the machine. At this time, the screen will display 0.00kg by default;
2. Press the "UNIT" key to switch the weighing unit between KG, LB and ºE, and select the weighing unit you want to use;

3. Hang the item on the hook, hold the handle with your hand (note: you can't hold the scale body with your hand for weighing, it will increase the error), keep the hand scale vertical and stable, and when the red indicator light is on, weigh After the measurement is completed, the value displayed on the screen is the weight of the item;
4. In the weighing state, the screen displays "H" to indicate that the lock function is on; press the "Switch/Clear" button again, the screen displays "T" to indicate that the lock function is off, which is suitable for continuous and rapid weighing;

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